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Stuart Delves

Stuart Delves CelebrantStuart is a man, not a priest or minister, who will honour, respect and celebrate the man, woman or child you have lost, giving dignity, depth and meaning to this difficult but important ceremony.

Stuart Delves is a writer – a poet and a playwright and a writer for business. He believes in the power of story and that the real stories of men and women are the texture of any industry.

Over the last 25 years he has written the stories of distillers, rig workers, bus drivers, bakers, book fetchers, painters, musicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, inventors, nurses, farmers, soldiers, prisoners of war, conscientious objectors, drovers, gamekeepers, fishermen, financiers, horse breeders, teachers, midwives, haggis makers, shepherds, maiden aunts, geneticists, astronomers, sales men, sales women, sail makers, clowns, pipers, secret agents, still men. He has always been touched by learning of the skills, knowledge, passion and pride of others.

Many years ago he studied Theology and Philosophy at university and has explored many world beliefs from an armchair and an angle-poise plus the odd immersion. At the age of 57, after a somewhat pot-holed life path, he believes in the diverse wonder of the human spirit and the mystery of the cycles of life and death. And as the jury’s still out as to what happens next, he welcomes all beliefs or the absence or abeyance of any, but most importantly believes in the honesty, compassion and rightness of focusing on the life, story and character of the departed rather than that of deities or redeemers.

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