Essential Funerals

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Buying a Lair  
These days a lair can only be purchased once some-one has  died, this is done via the council offices.

Burial at home
Despite what most people think, you can legally bury your pets and your family in your garden without planning permission. You need to own the land and tell the Registrar the date and place of burial. Remember of course, a grave in the garden may affect the value of your home and you’d have to consider what you’d do if you moved.

Burial at sea
A burial at sea is a complex matter and one that is not particularly popular in the United Kingdom. In fact, there are very limited locations in which a burial at sea can take place, and specific preparations must be made before such a burial. Not all commercial funeral services are available to assist with such burials.

Sea Burial in England

In England, sea burials are only permitted at 3 sites.  If family members are going to organise a sea burial, then, in addition to registering the death, they will need to procure a licence for a burial at sea. This licence is free from the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). This licence grants approval for a sea burial at one of two designated areas: Newhaven, East Sussex or The Needles Spoil Ground, Isle of Wight.

The local Fisheries District Inspector at either location may be able to grant a licence for a burial at sea as well.  There is a third site near Tynemouth, Northumberland, but according to the Marine and Fisheries Agency, this third site is only to be used if there is no chance of using the other two designated areas.

Sea Burial in Scotland

In Scotland – it’s not so clear where sea burials are allowed – more information is available from:Environment Protection Group,FRS Marine Laboratory,PO Box 101,375 Victoria Road,Aberdeen,AB11 9DB