Essential Funerals

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Cremations can only be conducted by authorised Crematoria.

The Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM) is the professional body for this sector.  They represent more than 3,500 individual sites for burial and cremation in England, Scotland and Wales.  They have a directory of 1,000 burial authorities and private company operators, 250 crematoria and nearly 200 natural burial grounds.

Many crematoria will not deal with the public directly, they will only take bookings via Funeral Directors.

Restrictions which apply to cremations

Families need to choose a coffin made from wood, a by-product of wood or a natural material such as wicker, cardboard or wooden veneer. Unfortunately metal fittings are not permitted on coffins; therefore, handles must be made from materials such as wood, plastic or rope. Although there are restrictions on coffins, there is still a wide selection of coffins which are suitable for cremation.

Dressing the loved one
Families can dress a loved one in a gown or in their own clothing for their funeral. If they wish for them to wear their own clothing then clothes made from natural fibre such as cotton or wool should be chosen. Any footwear or miscellaneous items need to be removed from the coffin prior to the funeral due to cremation regulations.

Personal items
Due to strict cremation regulations many personal items must be removed from a coffin prior to a cremation. This includes items made from materials such as metal (including jewellery), glass and some PVC and rubber (including shoes).