Essential Funerals

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Legal support

The death of a close family member or friend is emotionally distressing. However, there are some tasks that need to be done.

Check to see whether the person who has died had a funeral plan which sets out what they want for their funeral. They may also have told family or friends what they wanted or given instructions specific funeral requests in their Will. Therefore, you may want to access the Will before finalising the funeral arrangements.

Access to the Will

If a Will was created it should have been kept in a safe place and the Executor, close friends or family should have been informed on where it was kept. If a solicitor has made the Will, they should have a copy.

Dealing with the deceased’s estate

When someone dies leaving possessions or property, administration of the estate will need to be carried out which will include legal, tax and administrative activities. In certain circumstances a process known as Probate, or Confirmation in Scotland, may need to be carried out. This is required whether there is a Will or not. People wanting to carry out confirmation themselves can request assistance to complete the necessary forms, from the Sheriff Court Clerk for estates under £30,000. Professional assistance from a solicitor should be sought for larger estates and if a property is involved.