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Funeral Readings – What Are Your Options?

There was a time when many funerals followed a traditional theme. People would have wooden coffins, everyone would wear black, and funeral readings tended to be passages from the Bible.

As society has changed over the decades, so have your options. It’s no longer regarded unusual if you ask people to wear bright colours to the service, or have contemporary music instead of hymns.

In this article, we’ll focus on how the readings can play an important part in making the funeral more personal and a fitting tribute to the person you have lost.

A traditional reading

Just because many funeral traditions have evolved over the years doesn’t mean you still can’t choose a traditional reading if you want one. There are many verses in the Bible that people take great comfort from.

A poem or passage from a favourite book

If you’re not particularly religious and neither was your loved one, you may opt to have a favourite poem or a passage from a favourite novel read out at the service instead.

A verse from your favourite song

Lyrics from a favourite song that’s special to you and your loved one can easily be turned into a reading too. For example, the first song played at a wedding.

A Eulogy

It’s quite common for family and friends to want to say a few words at the funeral. It’s a fitting way to say farewell to someone who has died. This can include anything from telling their life story, describing what they were like as a person and sharing funny tales.

It’s difficult to know where to start when attempting to write a eulogy. Ask your family and
friends for help and also speak to your funeral director who should be able to offer guidance. Readings don’t need to conform to any particular length or style. Even the shortest readings can mean the world to you and your family.

don’t necessarily need to conform to any particular length or style, even the shortest readings can mean the world to you and your family. However, it’s important to discuss your wishes with your funeral director and with whoever is taking the service such as the minister or celebrant as there could be restrictions on the length of time allowed for the service.

If you choose to arrange your own funeral service in advance with a funeral plan, you can write down your wishes for readings as part of your plan.

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