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What is a eulogy?

A eulogy is when a friend or relative says a few words during the funeral service about the person who has died. Some people write a eulogy and others prefer to read a favourite poem or reading from a book.

The most important thing to remember when writing a eulogy is bringing the person to the fore in the minds of the people attending the funeral. It is a way of saying goodbye.

If you want to write a eulogy, but are struggling to get started, you are not alone. Essential Funerals can help you write a eulogy that truly reflects the life of the person who has died and highlight was was important to them and you.

Here are some tips on writing a eulogy.

  • TimWhitt

    I struggle to get started sometimes and I am a professional. You just so want it to be ‘right’, and you never feel you have the time to do enough. But then I wouldn’t be doing it if it was just routine.

    enjoyed browsing your blog.

    Tim W